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Why you should visit Central Europe?


Central Europe has so much to offer to the curious traveller. With so many different cultures, cuisines, and customs, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful part of the world. Simply everyone should aim to visit at some point- if you don’t, you’re missing out on the experience of a lifetime.

Central Europe might seem small compared to places like America, but in fact, each country has its own rich, unique history that makes each one worth visiting in its own right. From Vienna, with its grand architecture and musical heritage, to Poland, where the shadow of the Holocaust still hangs heavy over Auschwitz, there are a whole host of one of a kind experiences on offer that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

While much of the region was devastated by bombing in the Second World War, there are still a few places which escaped this destruction. In Prague and Krakow, history stretches back uninterrupted over hundreds of years, allowing you to experience the atmosphere of these ancient settlements for yourself. Both of these cities have their own unique customs- in Krakow, for example, the trumpet call from St. Mary’s Church has been performed every day for over 700 years. There are plenty of other great traditions and customs to discover for yourself, and a local guide will be able to show you things from a perspective you just don’t get from a guidebook.

The region also features some amazing areas of outstanding natural beauty. The High Tatras, for example, are the largest range of mountains in the Carpathians, and offer you the perfect chance to unwind after the hustle and bustle of the cities. A hike through the mountains is really something to behold, as you will be able to experience nature in its untouched form. On the other hand, the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland allows you to journey 500 feet underground and see the natural and man-made caverns. The highlight is the breathtaking St. Kinga’s Chapel, where everything, even the chandeliers, are carved from salt- a truly breathtaking sight to behold.

Experience this amazing part of the world for yourself. You’ll have your mind enriched by the variety of museums in Vienna, taste the unique foods of Budapest, and quench your thirst in a real Czech pub. Wherever you choose, you’ll take away memories that you will treasure for a lifetime, and experience things that will make you want to return to this incredible region again and again.